The Ghost of Introspection

What Is Introspection?

In my book, The Ethical Coach Leader, I note that introspection is key to understanding our internal dialogue and what motivates us to succeed.When you look inside yourself, you learn to tune out the noise of the outside world and ultimately become a much more solid and grounded individual.

Too many people today are blown about by the winds of change. They have no roots to anchor them to one spot. Often, this is due to lack of introspection. How many times do you think about thinking? How do you reflect on your own thoughts? Do you ever take the time to listen to your own internal dialogue and decide if it is positive or negative?

If not, you may be afraid of the Ghost of Introspection. As I say in my book, it is very important that you do what all humans do from time to time; look at yourself critically and see if your lifestyle is what you want it to be. Introspection is tough because it requires us to examine our own motivations and issues, and this can be painful. However, the results can help us grow stronger, become a more ethical leader, and ultimately benefit from our own honest and truthfulness.

Sri Swami Sivananda said, “Introspect. Watch the mind. It will gradually grow calmer and calmer. You will be able to find your defects.” By looking inside ourselves and reflecting on our past decisions, we can then be better educated in making future decisions. If you are unsure about something, take a few moments for quiet reflection. You will be amazed at how introspection can guide you when you give it a chance!

There may be occasions when you do not have the time for a deep introspection. This is when the habit of introspection becomes important. I have found that the more time you spend meditating and thinking about your internal dialogue, the more in touch with it you are. Then, once you have gotten in touch with yourself and you are comfortable with introspection, you can call those internal resources up much more quickly when necessary. Introspection not only makes you a better person, it makes you a better thinker, as well.

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