The Ghost of E-Information

“All we need to do is search the web and the answer will become clear. We can then get back to doing the things that are needed in this world.”

Unfortunately this statement is what many individuals think today. We live in a highly digital world where you can find almost any information you want on the internet. This a great resource for many things, however it is not a solve all. We cannot simply Google away our problems.

Dr. George Lundberg said “Information on the internet is subject to the same rules and regulations as conversation at a bar”. The reality of the internet is anyone can freely put information out there whether it is fact or not. If you fell sick, you wouldn’t trust the internet with a diagnosis, you would go see your doctor. The same logic applies to other problems that may arise. We need to rely on our personal database that we have built through our experiences.

We have counsel all around us, and as we network with others that pool of counselors grows. It is important that we utilize our network of people and refer back to past experiences to solve our problems. That is the only way we can grow and learn as individuals.

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