Plan Ahead!

“As with any concept or idea, it is paramount to plan ahead, in order to have success in any venture.” The Ethical Coach Leader

During our lifetime we make choices that shape the type of person we grow up to be, essentially we are planning ahead for our individual futures. We can do more than plan ahead for our own futures, we can plan ahead for the futures of generations to come.

As parents, coaches, teachers, and any other position that affects our youth, we are responsible for setting an example. We are responsible for helping them plan ahead for their future selves. If we plan ahead and decide on which ethical code we are going to live and lead by, we can pass that down to future generations so that they might too become ethical leaders in their ventures.

In the 2008 Junior Achievement/Deloitte Teen Ethics Survey, 79 percent of teens surveyed said they felt prepared to make ethical decisions when they enter the workforce. However, 38 percent said it is sometimes necessary to cheat, steal, lie or behave violently to succeed. In order to lower that 38%, we need to decide who we are going to be so that those that look up to us and follow our example are headed down the right ethical path themselves.

“The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.”- Roy L Smith

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