Ethics Are Essential

“A leadership strategy without ethical clarity produces moral and economic bankruptcy.” – Bill Donahue

The ethical standing of a company starts from the top. If its leadership is not abiding by ethical principles, then the company will fall into unethical practices. The concept of ethical leadership is to unveil, determine, and demonstrate how to understand this leadership and why it is necessary to have an ethical coach leader at the top of the organization. When a company is ethically aligned, decisions are easier to make. And when the people who make those decisions feel that they are contributing to a good cause, they put more energy into the effort.

Simply put, it is much easier to be motivated by an ethical leader and work for a good cause, than it is to be motivated and energized in an unethical environment. By being a good leader you set the tone for everyone following you to be ethical and together build an ethical foundation to grow upon.

“Ethics must begin at the top of every organization. It is a leadership issue and CEO must set the example.” – Edward Hennessy

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