The Ghost of Example

Do You Take Care Of Your Players Like They Were Your Own Children? This is a question I ask my readers in my new book, The Ethical Coach Leader. What I mean by this is simple: are you setting a good example for your players as you should be doing for your children? It is […]

The Ghost of Education

In My New Book The Ethical Coach Leader, I Note That Early In My Career I Was Suffering From A Problem Of Misunderstanding. I really thought that teaching was simply a matter of imparting information to someone else. As I say in my book, I had never learned the lesson of caring for those who […]

The Ghost of Experience

Have You Ever Had A Situation In Which You Are Dealing With Someone Who Simply Does Not Want Your Help? That can be an incredibly frustrating situation. It is especially difficult when you can see so clearly what someone is doing wrong but that person refuses to see it for himself or herself. In my […]