Plan Ahead!

“As with any concept or idea, it is paramount to plan ahead, in order to have success in any venture.” The Ethical Coach Leader During our lifetime we make choices that shape the type of person we grow up to be, essentially we are planning ahead for our individual futures. We can do more than […]

What Ethical Types Do You Employ?

We All Have An Inner Compass That Guides Us In Making The Right Or Wrong Choices. Whether or not we choose to follow it is another matter. In the work world you have employees where making ethical choices comes naturally and some who need some work in that department. There are four different ethical types […]

The Ghost of Right or Wrong

Steve Maraboli said “Do what you think is right. Don’t let people make the decision of right or wrong for you.” When we are put under pressure it is sometimes hard to decide between the decision that is right and then one that will please. Every one of us is brought up with an understanding […]

The Ghost of E-Information

“All we need to do is search the web and the answer will become clear. We can then get back to doing the things that are needed in this world.” Unfortunately this statement is what many individuals think today. We live in a highly digital world where you can find almost any information you want […]

Morals Matter

“There Are Some Things That Money Can’t Buy…Like Manners, Morals And Integrity.” – Unknown It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you have no moral compass to guide your decisions. They say lead by example and that notion rings true. If your peers see you as a great ethical and moral leader, they […]

Emphasizing Ethics

It Is Important That We Teach Ethics To The Younger Generations! The following is a list of books that can help us do just that: Ethics 101 by John C. Maxwell The one “standard” Maxwell recommends using in all situations is the Golden Rule: the precept that one should behave toward others as one would […]

Ethics Are Essential

“A leadership strategy without ethical clarity produces moral and economic bankruptcy.” – Bill Donahue The ethical standing of a company starts from the top. If its leadership is not abiding by ethical principles, then the company will fall into unethical practices. The concept of ethical leadership is to unveil, determine, and demonstrate how to understand […]

The Ghost of Introspection

What Is Introspection? In my book, The Ethical Coach Leader, I note that introspection is key to understanding our internal dialogue and what motivates us to succeed.When you look inside yourself, you learn to tune out the noise of the outside world and ultimately become a much more solid and grounded individual. Too many people […]

The Ghost of Environment

While I was Writing The Ethical Coach Leader, I Recounted An Experience I Had With My Own Coaching. I told a group of listeners at one point, “I am here to remind you about the social and cultural forces that have shaped your life.” This is because I believe that these factors play a vital […]